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Our philosophy is simple – PREVENTION through EDUCATION. We’re not doctors nor do we claim to be, but we have a prescription that’s better than any medicine out there – exercise. That’s our specialty. We prescribe exercise according to each individuals needs, objectives, and their short and long term goals. Our trainers and instructors are here to motivate and educate. Our mission is to change this society one person at a time.

“Education is important, but big biceps are importanter”

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Don’t Be a Statistic!

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2011-2012 US FastStats


Percent of adults age 18 years and older who DO NOT meet the Physical Activity Guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activity

Heart Disease continues to be the #1 leading cause of death in the US

Deaths from heart disease in 2010

Exercise can prevent heart disease and help you to live a longer and better life.

BENEFITS of exercise include:

  • Strengthens your heart
  • May improve congestive heart failure symptoms
  • Lowers your blood pressure
  • Makes you stronger
  • Helps you reach (and stay at) a healthy weight
  • Helps manage stress
  • Boosts your mood and self-esteem
  • Improves sleep


Percent of adults age 20 years and over who are overweight

managing stress during the holidays

Managing Stress

Jason Rodriguez speaks with Ann Jenrette-Thomas, CEO and founder of Esquire Coaching about stress and how to manage it.
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5 reasons the most successful freelancers exercise.

1)Exercise increases productivity.  If you’re like most freelancers you spend a great deal of your day sitting at a computer. Break up your day, by taking a 30-60 minute walk break or exercise break. It will get your blood flowing, your heart pumping and you’ll return refreshed and more productive. 2)Exercise decreases sickness. People who exercise get sick an average of 50 percent less than those who remain sedentary. Let’s face it if you’re a freelancer there’s no time for sick days. You are the company, so workout and avoid the misery of trying to work through a sick day. 3)People who exercise tend to eat healthier.  If you’re spending the time working out, why not supply your body with the best fuel. Most freelancers who practice regular workout routines take the time to eat nutrient dense foods which improves overall health, productivity, and appearance. 4)Exercise increases confidence.  Perhaps the most important quality in a successful freelancer is confidence. People who exercise are more confident about their appearance as well as their abilities which makes them much more marketable and attractive to potential clients. 5)Exercise decreases stress.  Working in freelance can be extremely stressful at times. There are constant deadlines to meet and a lot depends on your performance. Exercise increases endorphins and adrenaline which puts freelancers in a better mood. That’s why people who exercise tend to maintain an optimistic attitude and manage stress much better, than sedentary individuals. If utilized correctly stress enables us to accomplish more.... read more

Wedding Bootcamp | Tailored Training

Congratulations! Your wedding day is coming soon. Before you start getting stressed out, remember the hard part is over. You’ve been lucky enough to find that special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with and they feel the same way about you. Now if you’re like most people you want to look great on your wedding day. Ok, so that’s a huge understatement. You want to look and feel better than you ever have in your life! You want everyone to look at you and be rendered speechless from how ridiculously attractive you are. Like it or not it’s time to get in shape. Here are 7 ways to get moving in the right direction: Get a trainer. You might think trainers are just for celebrities and models. Not true. Trainers are for everyone who wants to look and feel their best. Don’t get just any trainer. Get a trainer who’s just as focused on your goals as you are. Your trainer should assess you, discuss your goals with you, provide nutritional advice, and constantly motivate you to stay on track. Do it together. Tell your future spouse how focused you are and use them for support. You’ll most likely influence them to get focused on a fitness plan too. This will help you both look and feel great on your special day. Procrastination is over. Start now. From this moment forward you should be totally focused on improving your health. That includes regular workouts (both cardiovascular and strength training), nutrition, and sleep. Create a schedule. This will help you stay focused and take things... read more

Do It For Yourself, Do It For Your Children

At least 20 million children under the age of 5 are currently overweight. Childhood obesity drastically increases the chances of premature death and disability in adulthood. By the year 2015 one in five children will be obese. How do we protect our children from this? How do we ensure that our kids grow up leading a healthy lifestyle? The answer is simple. We need to lead by example. Think about yourself. Are your eating habits drastically different from your parents? The chances are they are pretty similar and even more so the first few years of your life. There’s a reason why so many people who are overweight have children who are eventually overweight. If you haven’t already, very soon you will go to your kid’s school for parent teacher conferences or your kids school play. Take a look at the other parents. There’s usually only one or two fit dad’s or moms. That’s out of 20 parents. Why is that? It’s simple because most of us don’t take care of ourselves properly. If we’re not taking care of ourselves, why should our kids? How are we going to eat a burger and fries for dinner and then tell our kids to eat their vegetables? Like it or not we are their ultimate role models. If we eat healthy, they’ll eat healthy. If we exercise, they will exercise. Make it your business to be the in shape dad or mom because someday you want the same for... read more

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